V.I.Pets Bakery 1st Ever Newsletter

Wow – my 1st newsletter to my 1st subscribers – a big thank you to everyone who has subscribed – I know we won’t dissapoint.

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What’s Been Happening

Some more of the yummy products have gone onto the Facebook shop, and we hope to link them directly to the Website to make it easier for everyone to buy a Celebration Cake or Treat.

Lots of wonderful pet celebrations and I am grateful for each an every order and love to see the pets enjoying their Party Boxes, it makes me feel so lucky to be able to make them.

The Bakery now has the Personalised Bone Biscuits in every pub in the village of Kegworth and also in Guest Houses and Bed and Breakfasts, even in Wales!  It’s lovely to see that they are so pet-friendly.  If you can think of anyone who would be interested in popping them into any of their establishments let me know.  If its a pub, I may have to come and check them out and have a cheeky Gin and Tonic whilst there.

This month will see the introduction of the ‘Premium Range of treats for both dogs and cats.  These biscuits are full of ingredients that have lots of health benefits for your pets, and just to make sure that everyone can understand the advantages of these ingredients, an article on the benefits of those treats will also be published on the Website.

The Big News at The Bakery and Some Secret Unexpected Help

A new website, some tweaks and changes to the Facebook Page and better user experience.  We are pawsome, at some things, but there are still more ideas and updates that haven’t quite got out there in the ‘Social Media’. This is big news and we found some secret expert help right under our noses.

There’s a small business consultant in the village who’s much more than just a web designer. In fact, there’s probably only a handful of people in the county who have an empathetic kind mentoring approach plus technical expertise. If you need some help getting things structured and growing your business, then do yourself a favour and contact Simon at The Indaba Tree – www.theindabatree.com or ask me for an introduction.

New Articles on the Website

The first article is all about Turmeric and the benefits of this Golden Paste for your pets.  This was the first of many herbs/spices to be looked at in the very beginnings of the Bakery.  Initially, to be fair, it looked like the contents of a baby’s first nappy when mixed with Coconut Oil, I started to think ‘this is not looking good’, the taste test was next, and hang on, guess what, it is actually really sweet and tasty, and I even would go as far as to say, I liked it.  So on we go to get the mix right.  Most importantly, adding the Black Pepper (Ground) its a bit like a magic trick when you add Pepper, as it’s only then when you add these ingredients together, you get the ‘Magic Paste‘.



Would you know which common Garden Mint is harmful to your pet

Unfortunately, yes, one of our beloved garden herbs can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and weakness.  English PennyRoyal Mint, is the culprit, and so this one is best avoided.  There are lots of other varieties that have health benefits for your pets.

Health benefits of mint:


Is Chamomile just used for calming your Dogs Anxiety

Chamomile for dogs is one of the safest and most versatile herbal pet remedies and has a broad range of scientifically proven uses.

The attributes of this herb are:

  • Anti-Spasmodic – contains chemicals that relax smooth muscles, including those found in blood vessels and the digestive tract.
  • Carminative (gas relieving)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Sedative
  • Anti-microbial
  • Wound healing
  • Tonic properties that strengthen body functions
  • Worm expelling – Antihelmintic

We use Chamomile flowers packed into a diffuser teapot, and add a cup of boiling water and let the mixture sleep until it has completely cooled.  This is then added to the biscuit mix.  The unused tea can be used as a soothing skin rinse for itchy, inflamed skin, including flea bites, contact allergies or minor bacterial or fungal infections.  Also, can be used to wipe sticky eyes when mixed with saline water.  So yes, this is one of those very versatile herbs.

As with introducing any new herb, do this slowly and look out for allergies or any reactions and watch for anything out of the ordinary.

*Source WholeDog Journal – August 2019

Why is Pumpkin a Powerhouse of Nutrition for Pets?

Pumpkin has been used for years in American treats, but here in the UK, we rarely see Pumpkin as an addition to the recipe.  As it turns out, Pumpkin has a variety of health benefits for both Dogs and Cats.  * The beautiful golden coloured squash, has proven to benefit digestive tracts when added to your pet’s diet.

Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful benefits:

  • In cats, Pumpkin is particularly good for preventing hairballs
  • Good for pets whose stools are too loose as the fibre in Pumpkin can act as a binding solution through a pets digestive tract, absorbing the excess water and therefore helping with the diarrhoea.
  • Is low in fat, but high in fibre and cholesterol
  • Loaded with Beta carotene, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, and vitamins A & C
  • Full of essential fatty acids and antioxidants that support a healthy urinary tract
  • Can serve as a healthy substitute for fatty treats and foods

Obviously, in the UK, Pumpkin is seasonal, and not available all year round.

Although fresh is always the preferred option, to get around this we sometimes have to use the canned variety.  There are different types of Pumpkin available in supermarkets and so always check that it is pure Pumpkin not the type for Pumpkin Pie.

Source * Dr Carol McConnell, Chief Veterinary Medical Officer for Nationwide Pet Insurance

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