VIPets Bakery is Built on Love, Pets and Celebration

Hi, my name is Tarnia and a warm welcome to V.I.Pets Bakery.

We provide homemade personalised Cakes and Treats for any occasion to share with your special pet

Cakes and treats are baked fresh and posted out the same day to you so everything arrives tasty and in time for your Celebration. Products are handmade, no whisks or food processors, so you can see the chunks of fresh carrots, and apples, in our yummy cakes.

Pets give us so much love and companionship, that every celebration is special.

I have two horses, Brenda and Sonic, and a really naughty Beagle called Watson, who spends his day with me and his sister Olive (same litter) who comes to my house every day for fun play time.

We all know that we shouldn’t give them mass-produced nasty treats, but not everyone has time to bake fresh stuff. We work, have families and even caring your pet takes up precious time.

I love to bake, and especially, I love to see happy Pets, so if I can help with any celebration and you don’t see anything on the website to fit the theme, please message me and we’ll come up with something great.

Lots of love to you and your pets.