Welcome to The Bakery – An amazing thing was born from peanuts and a failed partnership.

Hi, my name is Tarnia, and I started out baking at home in a North West Leicestershire village called Kegworth which borders, Nottingham, Derby  and Leicester.  The business took off thanks to all my lovely customers, we have now moved to larger premises in Lincolnshire, its a small village called Saltfleeby and we are now able to have a bakery everyone can visit with their pets.

Originally I was in a Business Partnership as a Baker with a Website Designer but as often happens we had different goals and values so things didn’t work out. Encouraged by customers, family and friends, I decided to take the step and go it alone, so V.I.Pets Bakery was born in 2019. Yup we’re young and hungry.

Getting through the minefield of setting up a Facebook Page, Website, CRM’s and other stuff (yawn) was totally alien to me, but with some help I gave it my best shot, and here we are today.

I have been so appreciative of all the help, and  it gives me so much happiness to see all the happy customers who have taken time to send in photos and reviews.  It makes my day every day.

As a Baker, it was fascinating to research the contents of the Cakes and Treats, trying to make sure everything was natural, healthy, and only made from the best 100% human-grade ingredients.  Only wanting to use the best, took a lot of delving into, as there are lots of goodies out there for pets, but also a lot of very nasty harmful ones.

Awareness is the key to keeping your pet fit and healthy, that means looking at labels for Xylitol in some of the Peanut Butters, Cyanide Pips in Apples (who knew).  It can become a minefield, so rest assured, I have looked into it all.  This site has a number of articles on these very topics.

All your pet dietary needs are catered for, whether they are Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian or Grain Free,  and baking bespoke biscuit treats for customers to help with any of their pet ailments is a pleasure. Let’s be honest, not everyone has time to bake for their pets, working, having children, and cooking just for yourself, all of which can take up most of your day, so we offer our home-baking services to help you.

At present, we cater for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Rabbits with the range expanding all the time.

When you see our products, I think you will agree, you can feed healthy treats that look and smell divine.