Is Turmeric as a Natural Colourant really good for your pet


If Turmeric is being used as one of your pet treat ingredients, there is something you need to check.

Lots of Bakers are using Turmeric as a natural yellow colourant, and proclaiming its good for your pet.  Turmeric is known as the Golden Spice, its what gives your curry, that lovely yellow colour.

This claim is true in that it is a natural colour, but to get all those fabulous health benefits from this spice, you need to add a dash of Black Ground Pepper!  When you add this to Turmeric, its a whole new ball game (popped that in because pets like ball games too!).

Turmeric has a compound called Curcumin and adding Black Pepper, (which also has health benefits due to the compound Piperine) to the mix enhances the Curcumin absorption in the body, and magnifies their beneficial effects.

Turmeric with Black Pepper can:

  • reduce inflammation,
  • is an anti-oxidant,
  • antibacterial,
  • has disease-fighting qualities
  • and can improve digestion.   Wow.

So lookout, and make sure that there is a dash of Black Pepper been added to this very golden ingredient.

* Dogs Naturally Magazine – Dana Scott – “So you can’t give turmeric by itself and expect good results”