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NEW – Super-Food Treats in a Monthly Subscription Box

Just what the Vet ordered!

Everyone likes to ask their Pet “do you want a treat?” we love to give out dog treats and chews because it makes our Pups so happy and with our new box, you can also give your pup some real life benefits.

Doggie treats can be used to learn new tricks and behaviours, sneak in a prescribed pill (shh), help clean your dogs teeth or aid digestion.

All animals have dietary needs to keep them healthy and strong.  Healthy Dog Treats or “functional food”, are a great way of slipping a little something extra without feeding them actual vitamins or minerals.  We believe that single-ingredient treats are especially gentle on your pets system.

So we have decided that from May we will be adding to our collection, a new Monthly Subscription Box with all yummy treats containing lots of Super Foods.  This months box will have Turmeric, Spinach and Beetroot, they are yummy, but also nutritious biscuits.  These are really convenient as they are delivered to your door and saves you a visit to the supermarket.

  • Beetroot has Vitamin C, Fibre, Folate, Manganese, and Potassium.  All of these vitamins and minerals are good for a dogs digestion and immune system as well as a healthy skin and coat.
  • Spinach has lots of vitamins, A, B, C, and K.  It also contains Iron, Antioxidants, Beta-Carotene and roughage all which stimulate the digestive tract.
  • Turmeric contains a compound called Curcumin which has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti fungal activities.  We add Black Pepper to our Turmeric to help increase the absorption and bring out the great properties of the Turmeric.

At V.I.Pets Bakery, we like to use as many of these Superfoods in our Celebration Boxes as we can, so now we would like to also offer boxes you can use as treats everyday.

Each Superfood Hamper will have at least 60 treats in each box, so you can treat them all month knowing that they are getting a balance of the Super treat, (vitamins and minerals) with their normal everyday feed.

And there is more, each hamper will have a recipe card for a healthy treat you can bake at home.  This month is Sweet Potato and Coconut and we hope you give this a try.

So when your pup asks for a treat, with a VIP Hamper, you will be prepared with the “right” treat

Help Puppy Post & VIPets Bakery Support The Animal Cancer Trust

VIPets Bakery is teaming up with our friends at the Puppy Post The Magazine for Cancer Awareness Month – March

Tons of Puppy Pawrents and their Dogs, as well as Small Brands, are gearing up to pull together to raise money for Charity.  The community of small businesses will be putting on Live Events, Live Sales, Dog Walks to help raise funds.  There is a Community Page on the Puppy Post that contains a Diary of these events and also a total of the funds raised from each of the business supporters.

The plan is to raise as much as we can at VIPets Bakery to send off to our chosen charity.  The Bakery will be producing this yummy treat box for March and for every sale, the Bakery will be donating £5 of the proceeds to Animal Cancer Trust UK as everything raised will be going to support people with animals who have cancer.

We felt it important to let you see that every penny raised is transparent and the funds going to the Charity is receipted.  Each and every order will get a receipt for your records.

We are asking for you to support what we think is a very deserving Charity.

As always, lots of love Tarnia