We have two beautiful, naughty Beagles that we love dearly, and we’ve always  wanted to give them the best, so we researched, planned and baked the best.

At the Bakery, we only produce cakes and treats for your celebration that have great health benefits from the ingredients used.  Its amazing to find out from researching what human-grade ingredients are good (or bad) for your pet.

When you purchase any of our cakes or treats, you’ll see the yummy freshly grated carrots, chunks of fresh apples, and other good stuff when you cut them up for your pet. (Assuming they don’t gobble your hand off trying to get at them first).

We most certainly won’t use any artificial flavours or colourants, there are lots of lovely natural colours to choose from, so why would you.

Using artistic flair, we can make the cakes and treats look really yummy, a real celebration, guaranteed to generate smiles and lots of saliva.  We bake for all occasions and we are adding new designs all the time.